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Complete process plants and process engineering in stainless steel and special-purpose materials for the chemical industryPractically no process plant encompassing reaction and agitating tanks is identical in every detail to any other.

The optimum solution is always the individual solution. To ensure that this type of individually tailored overall solution is economically viable, the agitator tank periphery used by SCHWARZ draws on proven standard components – such as control, configuration of the agitator mechanism, fittings, drive systems and so on. These are so perfectly matched to the reaction tank concept that an optimum outcome is achieved every time.

Plant engineering calls for a degree of trust. Our experienced engineers will be pleased to provide you with competent, sound advice. Because the more trouble is taken in planning a project, the fewer problems you will encounter and the more speedy will be the subsequent implementation through to the commissioning stage.

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Machinery Construction, Engineering, Machine Building
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