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As service providers, all our offered services can be provided at any time on a contract basis. We are accredited in the field on non-destructive material testing.

Our service technicians are able to call on an enormous fund of experience in every field of quality assurance and material testing, and are qualified and certified in line with all the listed requirements.

Continuous internal and external training measures are held to ensure our specialists stay abreast of all the latest developments.


The following processes are used at SCHWARZ:

  • Surface crack testing [PT] - penetrant flaw detection
  • Visual testing [VT] - various rigid, elastic and flexible endoscopes with electronic image pick-up
  • Leak testing [LT] - Leak detector to localize leaks using helium leakage testing, pressure-testing or bubble-proofing
  • Spectral analysis - material analysis
  • Surface roughness
  • Wall thickness measurement
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